Electricity & Green Energy Services

We share the vision of WE ENERGY for a greener world

Globalsat-Teleunicom Group Companies is the official reseller of electricity services and green certificates of WE ENERGY.

WE ENERGY belongs to Eunice Energy Group (EEG), which is the first Greek Group to produce and distribute electricity exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources.
WE ENERGY is the only Greek provider that is able to provide official state and corporate certification, ensuring that the energy supplied to all its customers, comes exclusively from renewable sources, such as the sun and the wind.

Through this partnership, Globalsat provides its B2B customers with electricity services at preferential, competitive prices and guarantees that the energy supplied is 100% clean and green. This way, we promote green economy and reduce energy footprint, nationally and globally.

Our vision is that we, along with our customers, evolve to achieve a world of sustainable development and energy autonomy by conserving and enhancing our environmental resources.

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We support and believe in the emerging electric automobility market

Globalsat, as the official dealer of Blink Charging Hellas, expands the network of Blink’s electric vehicle charging stations in Greece. Globalsat’s main goal is to contribute to the opening of EV market, reinforcing the EV drivers’ and companies trust in e-mobility as well as in expanding the availability of recharge points.

Blink Charging Hellas is one of the largest EV charging stations provider worldwide. It has more than 13 years of experience, 30.000 charging stations worldwide and 250.000 Blink members. Blink’s network in Greece has more than 400 charging stations and is constantly expanding.

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