S-PATCH EX – An innovative system for ECG monitoring, detection & diagnosis of arrythmias

s-patch ex

S-PATCH EX is a revolution in ECG recording.

The system consists of a wearable single-channel recording patch device, an application for smartphones (Android & iOS) for real-time monitoring & logging symptoms and a Cloud-based platform for test analysis.

S-PATCH EX is CE and complies with National regulations on distribution of medical devices and ISO 13485.


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    “Smart” devices for ECG recording is a global trend.

    S-PATCH EX is a cost-effective, non-invasive and reliable way to record ECG for more than 24h of patients with known or asymptomatic atrial fibrillation & other types of arrhythmias. Thanks to the wearable and wireless patch device, it is ideal for monitoring patients with intense daily activity or during exercise.

    S-PATCH EX is an innovative medical device that ensures:

    • Real time ECG monitoring
    • Wireless data transfer through an application
    • Identification of 13 different types of arrhythmias
    • Patient’s ability to log symptoms

    S-PATCH EX is ideal for:

    Iδιώτες Καρδιολόγους

    Private Health Professionals (MDs, Neurologists, Pathologist, etc.)

    S-PATCH EX is a medical device and an innovative system for ECG monitoring and arrythmia diagnosis. The reusable wearable Patch Device works with a “2032” coin battery and connects via Bluetooth with the user’s smart device through a user-friendly App. After completion of a test, data is uploaded to the MD’s cloud-based platform, for analysis and evaluation.

    Sports Venues – Physiotherapists

    The unique, wireless design of the S-PATCH EX makes it the ideal solution for ECG monitoring and arrhythmia control during exercise.


    Elderly Health Care Structures

    S-PATCH EX can be used in personalized health care protocols in elderly patients with known and / or asymptomatic arrhythmias. In addition, it is a unique Telemedicine tool allowing for effective and remote patient management.

    Settings with an Occupational Doctor

    Even at work, you can always feel safe and able to monitor your ECG, with S-PATCH EX. It is super easy to put on and it takes just 5 minutes to set it up.

    Through the S-PATCH EX user-friendly App, it is easy to monitor real time ECG and heartbeat.

    S-PATCH EX is connected to the “smart” device via Bluetooth. Through Wi-Fi settings, recorded data is uploaded to the Cloud Based platform when tests are completed. Through the platform analysis and diagnosis is feasible for the MD.

    The System’s architecture

    S-PATCH EX uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the user’s smart device. The App enables the user to monitor ECG in real time. Health professionals can create unique tests, tailor-made for each patient which are securely stored on the cloud-based platform.

    Analysis software allows for fast and reliable conclusions to be made. The Health Professional can log in  to the cloud-based platform by typing the URL address in any device and by using their own credentials.


    • Wearable Patch with a unique design
    • The Patch operates with a “2032” coin Battery, no cables
    • Lightweight, easy to wear ideal for long term monitoring
    • User friendly Cloud-based Platform for reliable test analysis
    • Waterproof

    Why chose the S PATCH

    Health Settings
    • Solution-As-A-Service (SAAS), through annual subscription
    • Software upgrades, maintenance and technical support included in the price
    • Data ownership
    • More data, improved diagnostic yield for the test
    • Ideal for health check-ups and prevention programs
    Health Professional
    Σύγχρονη Solution-As-A-Service (SAAS) μέσω ετήσιας συνδρομής
    • Solution-As-A-Service (SAAS), through annual subscription
    • Software upgrades, maintenance and technical support included in the price
    • Data ownership
    • Τimely access to recorded data
    • User friendly analysis software
    • Ideal for health check-ups and prevention programs
    • Ideal for long duration tests, improved diagnostic yield
    • Real-time ECG data
    • Easy symptom logging
    • Lightweight and comfortable to use
    • Improved experience ideal for long use
    • More data, improved diagnostic yield for the test

    Technical Specifications

    • Single channel
    • CF type
    • Power supply: DC 3V, coin cell battery (CR2032)
    • Battery life: 100 hours (replaceable)
    • Processor: S1SBP6A (microprocessor M4F)
    • Software: Application (Android/iOS), v.8 min/ v.12 min
    • Language: Greek, English, Korean
    • Suggested with: iPhone 6, 7, 8, SE2, 11, 12 | Samsung Galaxy A7, A9, A31, A51, Note9, Note10, Note20, S9, S10, S20
    • Wight (without battery): 9g
    • Heart rate range: 30 ~ 240bpm
    • Heart rate accuracy: 30 ~ 120 ± 1bpm | 60 ~120 ±2bpm | 120 ~ 240 ± 3bpm
    • Sync frequency – RF Information: 2402 ~ 2480 HMz
    • RF Negative Output Power (-3.62 dBm)


    Πιστοποιημένη ιατρική συσκευή

    Use Cases

    Monitoring in workplaces & sports facilities

    The ergonomically designed S-PATCH EX can be easily mounted and worn comfortably even for four days. Its light weight and the absence of cables, make it an ideal choice for people with intense daily activity and those who exercise intensively.

    Elderly care
    Φροντίδα Ηλικιωμένων

    Follow-up of elderly patients after the end but also during rehabilitation treatment. Possibility of remote patient management. Easy device installation and comfortable use.

    Follow-up of patients with arrhythmias
    ECG & Περιπατητικοί Ασθενείς

    Monitoring in workplaces & sports facilities


    It is possible to record the ECG 24-72 hours for the monitoring and early diagnosis of arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation.


    ‘’With S-Patch Cardio, we were able to collect high quality electrocardiogram data and diagnose the patient’s heart condition more accurately and quickly’’.

    Dr. Rob Adam, Cardiac Specialist at UHS, UK

    “If using S-Patch Cardio, users can monitor themselves. The more important fact is that it is possible to record patient’s workout sessions for the communications’ workout sessions for the communications between patients and the doctor in the Phase 1 of clinical test. This is the begging of immediate diagnosis and treatment, which improves the overall result of patients’’.

    Stacey A. Reading PhD, Department of Exercise Physiology, University of Auckland, New Zealand


    ‘’S-Patch Cardio accurately detect the arrythmia of myocardial infraction patients. If additionally developing the program and verifying with more users, S-Patch Cardio can be an not only economic but effective medical devices in order to diagnose arrhythmia and improve preventive healthcare’’.

    Dr. Toon Wei Lim, Heart Centre, National University of Singapore 

    Dr. Clevert D. - Πανεπιστήμιο του Μονάχου, Γερμανία

    ‘’S-Patch Cardio proves itself with its stable ECG monitoring by getting connected to S-Patch that it linked to the smart watch despite frequent vibration and difficult circumstances such as car racing’’.

    Dr. Clevert D., University of Munich, Germany

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    Complies with National regulations on distribution of medical devices ΕΟΦ