We remain true to our values



Among our priorities is to ensure and continuously improve the quality of our services,

as well as the exemplary service of our customers.



We are committed to ensuring the highest level of reliability for the products and services we offer. We evaluate our reliability based on our customers’ experience and ensure that our products and services consistently meet our corporate customers’ expectations.


We apply the Principles of Corporate Governance, harmonized with the greek legislation and we adopt internationally recognized practices, always aiming to the transparency and responsible operation of the Company in all sectors of our activity. Our strategy, our processes and policies and the principles and values ​​that govern our operation, ensure the transparency and protection of the interests of our customers, our partners and our shareholders.


Our daily operation and practice are inextricably linked to quality, efficiency and adaptability to the needs of the market, our customers’ and partners’.


We believe in creating values through honesty, professionalism, integrity, continuous development and functional and business excellence. The preservation of these values is an integral part and a fundamental principle of our daily operation.


TCL Europe Introduces its New C Series TVs & Soundbars

TCL, the world's TOP 2 TV brand and TOP 1 98-inch TV brand, reinforces its position in home entertainment by introducing today with its new range of TVs and Soundbars in Europe, to offer the best and more immersive experience to consumers – including gamers, but also sports and movies fans - with large screen sizes, stunning image, and impressive sound quality. ...Read More

Integrated solutions from Greenvolt Next, for the reduction of energy costs and the green transition of businesses.

Greenvolt Group, a pioneer in Europe in the field of renewable energy sources, offering specialized wind and solar energy solutions as well as biomass production units, recently announced its entrance in the Greek market in collaboration with Globalsat Group, a leader in distribution and management of products and technology solutions, with the creation of Greenvolt Next Greece company ...Read More

The energy transition of businesses with integrated solutions of Greenvolt Next.

The energy transition of businesses with integrated solutions of Greenvolt Next. In recent years worldwide, businesses have been in a process of transformation, with the new digital era and green transition being the main axes, with these two linked to companies’ development strategy. Something that shows the importance of businesses’ green transition is the strategy of the European Union as well as the states, which are planning reforms with the aim of making Europe climate neutral by 2050, stimulating the economy through green technology, strengthening sustainable industry and transport and reduce pollution. ...Read More